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Cable zip ties carries a complete line of mounting products including cable clamps, mounting bases, and cradle mounts. Cable Zip Tie continues to add new and specialized mounting products to its line to provide its customers with additional solutions that meet a wide variety of applications.

Cable Zip Tie is a one-stop shop for distributors looking for quality cable ties, as well as the following mounting products and related cable management items.

If you are looking for flexible, multi-purpose wire management products for routing and securing cables and wires in place, mounting bases may meet your needs. When used in conjunction with cable ties, mounting bases provide a simple and durable method for organizing and securing electrical wire, whether at home or in the office.

With Cable Zip Tie, you’ll get an extensive line of mounting bases in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and mounting options that will work with all sizes of cable ties and both light or heavy-duty applications. Cable Zip Tie mounting bases are made with high quality materials (Nylon 66 and UV Stabilized Nylon 66) and are available in a variety of configurations for easy installation and adherence to diverse mounting surfaces. Learn more…

Need a simple and convenient way to secure wire and cable bundles? Try a cable tie cradle mount from the cable tie experts at Cable Zip Tie. Because of its unique design, with a screw mounted into a recessed screw hole, cradle mounts allow for the easy insertion of cable ties while also offering extra support. Cradle Mounts are available to hold cable ties of various size and strength, come in multiple colors, and are perfect for securing wires or other items to desks, walls, or ceilings. Cable Zip Tie offers a wide variety of quality cradle mounts and cable ties to exceed all your wire management requirements. Learn more…

Cable clamps are effective, easy-to-use wire management tools for organizing power supplies, loose wires and data cables. They are easy to install and can often be re-used, providing a professional and flexible alternative for your cable management projects. No matter your need, Cable Zip Tie can provide a breadth of high quality cable clamps in a range of sizes, colors, mounting methods, and packaging options. Learn more...
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